Tayammum intention Arabic, Latin, full which means and technique

Tayammum intention Arabic, Latin, full which means and technique

Tayammum in Islam is purifying oneself with filth or holy soil when water isn’t accessible. The intention to carry out dry ablution is a crucial a part of the tayammum course of, as a result of the intention is likely one of the pillars of worship.

Mainly, Islamic regulation isn’t that sophisticated, nevertheless it shouldn’t be taken frivolously in response to it. For instance, while you need to disinfect your self however there isn’t a water, you need to use mud as an alternative.

In actual fact, not solely washing is required to take away small pods, however dusting may also be used to take away bigger pods.

Concerning the intentions of tayammum, you’ll be able to see the next evaluate.

Understanding tayammum

Tayammum comes from Arabic and means “contact.” Religiously, tayammum is a substitute for ablution or bathing if water can’t be discovered or used.

For instance, whereas touring or when water isn’t accessible (we tried to search for water however there’s none). Subsequently, the mercy of God Almighty gives grace in Islam to make sure that worship may be carried out in any scenario.

This can be encountered throughout a protracted dry season, or when you’re in a location removed from potential water sources.

Tayammum is permissible in some circumstances, together with the absence of water, or if utilizing water causes hardship or hazard.

In Islam, God understands the situation of His servants and gives options that facilitate the efficiency of worship.

Thus, nobody denies that they can not carry out their worship because of the issue of purifying themselves.

The significance of the intention of tayammum in worship

The intention in worship, together with tayammum, has an necessary position within the Islamic faith, as a result of one of many pillars of worship is the intention.

When you have this intention, don’t take part within the ritual of tayammum specifically. Subsequently, the tayammum that was carried out isn’t legitimate.

As a result of the intention is basically a need or insistence within the coronary heart to carry out worship with the intention of hoping for the favor of God Almighty.

Apart from that, additionally it is closeness to God and honest worship of God and the Messenger of God, not due to anything. Beneath is the significance of the intention of tayammum in worship.

Intention is an individual’s aware feeling in performing Tayammum. As a result of by realizing and remembering, tayammum turns into an act of worship to God.

Then the particular person does it sincerely and with all his coronary heart, hoping for the pleasure of God Almighty.

Intention is a legitimate situation for performing all acts of worship within the Islamic faith, and isn’t excluded from tayammum.

As a result of with out clear and honest intentions, the worship carried out may be invalid and unacceptable to God Almighty.

With the intention of performing tayammum, an individual can bear in mind and direct himself to it in accordance with the prescribed rulings.

In order that it helps the servant to guard himself from what invalidates tayammum.

Other than that, by bringing intentions which can be just for God and the Messenger of God, could God bless him and grant him peace, an individual can strengthen the which means of tayammum worship.

It could possibly additionally enhance the standard of implementation. As a result of the appropriate intention generates enthusiasm to carry out worship with full sincerity.

Subsequent, one of many necessary issues about making intention throughout tayammum is that it will possibly assist direct an individual’s deal with the true function of tayammum.

Lastly, with the intention of performing tayammum, an individual avoids errors in his act and is ready to do it in a great and proper means in accordance with Islamic regulation.

Studying the intention of tayammum in accordance with the Sunnah of the Prophet, could God bless him and grant him peace

After figuring out the which means of tayammum and in addition the significance of tayammum in worship, you as a Muslim should know methods to learn the intention of tayammum itself.

As with purifying your self with water or ablution, what should be emphasised is a powerful intention for the sake of God Almighty.

The next is a recitation of the intention of tayammum that’s simple to memorize:

I supposed to carry out tayammum to make it permissible to wish to God Almighty

“Nawaito timoma listibahatish shalati frdulul for God Almighty.”

this implies :

“I supposed to carry out tayammum in order that it could be permissible for me to wish for the sake of God Almighty.”

There are a number of issues that result in the permissibility of tayammum

On the whole, the rationale for the permissibility of tayammum is the absence of water when the servant goes to purify himself, whether or not he’s performing ablution or bathing.

However it’s essential to know different issues, that are the explanations that make tayammum permissible.

Such because the story in a hadith narrated by Abu Dawud:

this implies :

Within the historical past of Jaber, could God be happy with him, an incident occurred whereas we had been touring. One in every of us sustained a head harm on account of being uncovered to a stone. After that, he had a moist dream and requested his pal: Is it permissible for me to carry out dry ablution? His companions replied: We discover no consolation for you as a result of you’ll be able to use water. Then the person took a shower (janubah) after which died.

Once we met the Prophet, could God bless him and grant him peace, he instructed us in regards to the incident of the person who died. He stated: They killed him. Could God destroy them. Whoever doesn’t have information ought to ask, as a result of the treatment for ignorance is asking. It’s sufficient for him to wish and rub his wounds. (HR. Abu Dawoud)

There are a number of issues that may be relied upon to allow tayammum, and they’re as follows:

Did not discover water

As a result of the primary matter is a normal matter that’s typically conveyed by lecturers, preachers, and different non secular preachers.

As a result of it’s clear from the Qur’an that it instructions its servants that in the event that they need to purify themselves and don’t discover water, they have to carry out tayammum.

Nonetheless, please word that that is not often encountered by Muslims in Indonesia. As a result of the situation of Indonesia isn’t applicable whether it is stated that there isn’t a water for purification.

However as beforehand defined, if there isn’t a water in any respect, tayammum is after all permissible.

As God Almighty stated:

However you don’t discover water, then go to scrub earth and wipe your faces and your arms. Certainly, God is pardoning and forgiving.


Why do you not discover any assist? Tayammum are completely happy and good, so wipe your faces and forearms. Certainly, God is Pardoning and Forgiving. (N)

this implies :

Whereas you don’t discover water, pray with good soil. Wipe your face and arms (with mud). God is Forgiving, Forgiving.

There are wounds within the organs of ablution that can’t be uncovered to water

The knowledge of the Prophet, could God bless him and grant him peace, as a prophet and in addition as a frontrunner of your entire world is actually not doubtful.

Relatively, he teaches his individuals in a non-rigid means, despite the fact that the essential situation for prayer is ablution with water.

You are able to do tayammum, but when you don’t discover water for ablution, however this will change so long as there are different issues.

For instance, there’s a one who was significantly injured in his limbs, however he desires to wish.

It’s permissible to carry out tayammum as a result of it’s feared that the wound on the ablution organ will worsen and never heal.

Very chilly climate

It isn’t solely the 2 causes talked about above that permit Muslims to carry out tayammum, however there are additionally different causes.

That’s, when you’re confronted with extraordinarily chilly climate and it’s worrying that should you contact water, your physique will get sick and produce other unfavorable results.

In fact, you’ll be able to purify your self with filth or tayammum, after which you solely have to carry out the compulsory prayer for the compulsory prayer.

Water affected by disasters

Another excuse why an individual purifies himself by doing tayammum is the presence of a water supply close by. However when utilizing it, it exposes itself to hazard, for instance, the water supply is ready for wild animals and the like.

When such a factor occurs, a Muslim who’s about to carry out the prayer could carry out tayammum.

Water wanted for consuming solely

The following motive that permits a Muslim to carry out tayammum when going to prayer is the presence of water. However this water is simply sufficient for consuming, and whether it is used for ablution, it should result in the shortcoming to drink when thirsty.

Pillars, circumstances and Sunnah of Tayammum

After figuring out some issues that make tayammum permissible. Then it’s essential to know the pillars of the circumstances and Sunnah of tayammum accurately.

Tayammum column

The Prophet, could God bless him and grant him peace, stated:

this implies :

“Then the Prophet, could God bless him and grant him peace, struck his arms on the bottom, then blew on them, then wiped his face and palms as much as his wrists with them.” [HR. Bukhari I: 87]

The next are the pillars of tayammum that should be recognized to those that carry out tayammum:


That’s: tayammum deliberately accompanied by an motion. In the meantime, to learn the intentions of tayammum, you’ll be able to see it on the web page written above. As for reciting the intention of tayammum, it may be learn out loud or slowly.

Mud sticking to each arms

Upon getting selected the intention of tayammum, the subsequent pillar is to position mud on the palms of the arms. “Be sure that the mud is clear.”

Wipe the mud off your face

The following step is to wipe the mud off your face with the palms of your arms coated in filth. It begins from the brow to the beard, then begins from the appropriate ear and continues to the left ear.

Wipe the mud off each arms

When completed, wipe off the mud in your face or face. Then rub each arms from the fingertips to the elbows.


The final pillar of tayammum is the order, which is the sequence ranging from the intention till the completion of tayammum.

Situations for tayammum

Along with concord, what imposes on Muslims to carry out tayammum are the circumstances.

There are 4 circumstances for tayammum, see beneath:

  • The time for prayer has arrived
  • I attempted to search for water, however I couldn’t discover it, despite the fact that it was time for prayer
  • When utilizing holy soil or holy mud, it should not be blended with issues aside from mud.
  • You’ll be able to actually see what the mud seems to be like, and you’ll carry out dry ablution on the automobile window or anyplace, so long as the mud is clearly seen and pure.
  • Take away filth from the physique and garments.

The 12 months of tayammum

After figuring out the pillars and circumstances of tayammum, it’s essential to know the Sunnah of tayammum, even when that doesn’t hurt tayammum if one doesn’t do it.

Beneath are among the Sunnahs of Tayammum that you must know:

  • Learn Within the Title of God, Most Gracious, Most Merciful earlier than beginning tayammum
  • First the appropriate half and final the left half
  • Wipe off any mud in your palm earlier than utilizing it

The way to carry out tayammum accurately

As for the procedures for tayammum, they’re in actual fact inseparable from the pillars, circumstances, and Sunnah talked about within the sequence of tayammum.

Beneath are some steps of the proper technique of tayammum as taught by the Prophet, could God bless him and grant him peace.

  • Learn within the identify of God
  • Studying the intention of tayammum
  • Place the palms of the left and proper arms on the ready mud
  • Wipe your withstand 3 times
  • Place your palms collectively once more with the holy mud
  • Then rub it on each arms from the fingertips to the elbows 3 times

Prayer after tayammum

After tayammum, the Sunnah additionally recites the prayer, and studying the prayer is identical because the prayer after ablution.

The next is the studying of the prayer after tayammum:

this implies :

“I bear witness that there isn’t a god however God, One, with no companion in prayer earlier than and after ablution, and I acknowledge that Muhammad is His servant and Messenger. “O God, make me one in all Your repentant and purified servants.”