The borders of the Asian continent and different continents and their territories

The Asian continent is the most important and most various continent on the earth. The borders of the Asian continent prolong from Japanese Europe to the Pacific Ocean. Recognized for its wealthy tradition and historical past, Asia provides beautiful surroundings with quite a lot of varieties.

Reminiscent of Mount Everest within the Himalayas and the huge Gobi Desert. It comprises developed international locations similar to Japan, South Korea, and Singapore, along with creating economies similar to China and India, and Asia is taken into account the middle of innovation and world financial development.

The continent can be stuffed with biodiversity, such because the tropical rainforests of Southeast Asia and marine life within the South China Sea. Asia really displays the prosperity and challenges of the fashionable world.

Asian continent

When it comes to coordinates, the continent of Asia is situated at 11 levels north latitude to 80 levels south latitude. The longitude is 26 levels to 170 levels east. Nevertheless, the borders of the Asian continent contact a number of different continents on Earth.

Though there are lots of totally different opinions, usually there are six continents on the earth. Ranging from the continents of Africa, America, Antarctica, Asia, Australia and Europe. The realm of ​​the Asian continent is 44 million sq. kilometers. So it represents 29.5 p.c of the Earth’s whole floor space.

With this massive space, the Asian continent is split into six areas, particularly Southeast Asia, East Asia, South Asia, West Asia, Central Asia, and North Asia. Every of them has borders and bounds of different continents in its territory.

Division of the Asian continent

The massive measurement of Asia signifies that the area is split. The Asia area is split into 5 areas however it’s typically known as six areas as a result of a part of Russia can be a part of the Asian continent which known as North Asia. Right here is the reason:

1. East Asia

It covers the China, Japan and Korea area, which consists of eight international locations: China, Hong Kong, Japan, South Korea, North Korea, Macau, Mongolia, and Taiwan. This area is a sub-region of the Asian continent.

2. Southeast Asia

This area consists of 11 international locations, particularly Brunei Darussalam, the Philippines, Indonesia, Cambodia, Laos, Malaysia, Myanmar, Singapore, Thailand, East Timor and Vietnam. Its territory consists of the Malacca Peninsula and several other surrounding islands in addition to the Indochina area.

3. South Asia

This area consists of seven international locations: Bangladesh, Bhutan, India, Maldives, Nepal, Pakistan, and Sri Lanka. The area covers South Asia and round India.

4. West Asia

This area consists of the most important variety of international locations, 18 international locations: Saudi Arabia, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Bahrain, Iraq, Iran, Israel, Kuwait, Lebanon, Oman, Palestine, Qatar, Cyprus, Syria, Turkey, the United Arab Emirates, Yemen and Jordan. Its lands are situated within the continent of West Asia and the Center East.

5. Central Asia

This area consists of 5 international locations: Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, and Uzbekistan. Its territory extends throughout the central area of the Asian continent and past

6. Russia or North Asia

Though it’s not formally a part of Asia, a part of Russia is an element of what’s known as North Asia, i.e. the Siberian area. Different areas of Russia are present in components of the Japanese European continent.

Borders of the Asian continent

Based mostly on geography, the Earth consists of continents and huge oceans consisting of oceans and seas. The Asian continent, as one of many six continents on Earth, in fact has borders with different continents.

If you happen to listen, this continent is situated between the African continent and the European continent. The borders of Asia and Africa are the Ural Mountains in addition to the Ural River lowlands within the south. There’s a slim plain connecting the 2 continents, which is Mount Sinai.

Beneath are the bounds:

  • The northern half is bordered by the Baring Sea and the Arctic Ocean
  • The jap half is bordered by the Pacific Ocean
  • The southern half is bordered by the Indian Ocean
  • The western half is bordered by the African continent, the European continent, the Crimson Sea, and the Mediterranean Sea.

Local weather within the Asian continent

As a result of the area is so massive, from the borders of the Asian continent, it may be seen that there are totally different areas with totally different climates. Some areas of the Asian continent have a local weather with 4 seasons. Whereas typically in tropical and subtropical climates.

1. Tropical local weather

The areas of the Asian continent which have a tropical local weather are Southeast Asia and likewise the western coast of India. The traits of the tropical local weather are that it’s affected by seasons in which there’s typically a number of rain. The conventional air temperature ranges between 20-27°C with comparatively low air stress.

2. Subtropical local weather

Most of East Asia has a local weather like this, so it has 4 seasons. They’re spring, summer time, fall and winter. In summer time the climate isn’t too scorching and never too chilly in winter. Rainfall is average.

3. Temperate or hurricane local weather

It often happens in a small a part of East Asia. Because the identify suggests, this space typically experiences storms as a result of air stress adjustments simply. Nevertheless, rainfall is comparatively low.

4. Polar local weather

The temperature on this area is all the time low and components of the area expertise everlasting snow. Due to this, the temperature typically drops under the freezing level. The Siberian area of Russia is a area in Asia that experiences a local weather like this.

5. Desert local weather

Traits of a desert local weather are low precipitation and air humidity ranges however excessive evaporation. The areas of the Asian continent that have desert climates are the Gobi, Mongolian, Tibetan, and Arabian deserts.

Sorts of seasons within the Asian continent

The borders of the Asian continent not solely create climatic adjustments on this area, but additionally result in seasonal adjustments. The next are a number of seasons in Asia:

1. Dry season

On this case, air humidity ranges are very low and precipitation tends to be scarce. This typically results in drought disasters in a number of areas. This season is significantly influenced by the monsoon winds.

2. Wet season

In distinction to the dry season, rainfall will increase right now. The areas that have the wet season and the dry season are the international locations of Southeast Asia and East Asia. Indonesia is likely one of the international locations that experiences each seasons.

3. Spring

Spring is likely one of the 4 seasons in subtropical climates. This season is the season when crops start to develop after the tip of winter. Rainfall additionally started to extend.

4. Summer season

This season happens after spring has ended. Crops will develop abundantly throughout this time as a result of they’re nonetheless experiencing spring fertility. Nevertheless, on the finish of summer time, the crops will start to skinny out or fall off earlier than fall. Precipitation may be very excessive and accompanied by wind.

5. Autumn

Right now the plant will shed its leaves because of the accumulation of natural compounds. Temperatures additionally start to drop in preparation for the transition to winter.

6. Winter

On this season, crops typically now not have leaves. The temperature often drops to very low ranges and is accompanied by wind. Not all areas expertise a snowy winter, however temperatures stay low and chilly.

Sorts of races within the Asian continent

Throughout the borders of the Asian continent, it may be famous that every area borders different areas with totally different ethnic sorts. With its huge space, the sorts of races on the Asian continent encompass three totally different races, every with its personal traits and benefits.

Nevertheless, in its unfold, populations on the Asian continent additionally noticed a combination of the three present racial sorts. Just like the inhabitants of Bahrain and Qatar, they’re a combination of Caucasians and Zanj.

1. Mongolian head

The sort of race refers to an ethnic group with distinct bodily traits discovered extensively in numerous areas of Asia. Typical traits of the Mongoloid race embrace eyes with folded eyelids, tan pores and skin, straight and black hair, and a face form that tends to be spherical.

The Mongolian ethnic group is extensively unfold in varied Asian international locations similar to China, Japan, Korea, Mongolia, Vietnam and their surrounding areas. As well as, indigenous tribes of North America additionally fall into this class, displaying traces of historic migration from Asia to America through Beringia.

This race is split into the North Asian race, the Southeast Asian race, and the American Indian race. It typically inhabits southeastern, jap, and northern Asia, Madagascar, northeastern India, South and North America, in addition to northern Europe.

2. Caucasian race

This ethnic group is characterised by bodily traits typically present in Europe, the Center East, and components of Central Asia. Typical traits of the Caucasian race embrace pores and skin that ranges from pale to brown, diversified hair, each straight and curly, and ranging facial shapes.

The Caucasian race additionally features a broad ethnic and linguistic range, similar to Arabs, Slavs, and others. This range is a mirrored image of the complicated historical past of migration, cultural interactions and social change.

It typically inhabits northern and central Asia, northern and southern Africa, the Center East, Pakistan, Europe, northern India, North and South America, Australia and New Zealand.

3. The Negro race

This ethnic group has distinctive bodily traits typically present in Sub-Saharan Africa and its surrounding areas. Typical traits of the Negro race embrace darkish to black pores and skin, curly or curly hair, and a broad facial form with a distinguished nostril and lips.

Historic human migrations additionally introduced the genetic legacy of the Negro race to numerous areas such because the Caribbean, Latin America, North America and South Asia (Sri Lanka) which had a major influence on native tradition and identification.


The borders of the Asian continent appear to have an awesome affect on all of its inhabitants. For instance, border areas will have an effect on the opposite celebration’s tradition and other people’s lives. There are additionally variations in local weather, seasons, and even the sorts of human races that inhabit it.

Nevertheless, as a part of the world, the Asian continent can’t stand alone. In mild of this nice range, all international locations on the Asian continent should cooperate with varied international locations on different continents. In order that continental borders now not represent an impediment to communication with one another.