Definition, targets, traits, course of and examples

Have you ever ever questioned why your little brother/sister would not have the identical bodily look as you although you’ve gotten the identical mom and father? For instance, your two older siblings have dimples like your mom, however you do not. Concerning this, you can see the reply in the event you examine meiosis.

This sort of division course of is intently associated to the formation of gametocytes, which may later reply questions on variations in bodily look between relations although they’ve the identical father and mom.

One other time period for meiosis is discount, which is a sort of division in residing organisms (it may well happen in people, animals, and vegetation). In people, the division course of happens within the ovaries and testicles. In the meantime, meiosis in vegetation happens within the anthers and pistils.

Understanding meiosis

Merely put, meiosis is cell division in organisms that reproduce sexually. Meiosis is the method of formation of intercourse cells or gametes discovered within the reproductive organs.

Meiosis is essential for each organism or organism that reproduces by way of the fusion of two gamete cells in the course of the technique of copy. The cells themselves, wherever they’re situated, will at all times bear a technique of self-division.

Nicely, the varieties of cell division themselves are divided into two, particularly mitosis and meiosis. In meiosis, the method of division happens within the physique of an organism, and meiosis leads to gametocytes or intercourse cells. In people, examples embrace egg cells and sperm cells.

What’s the goal of meiosis?

Not an Indonesian native, the time period “meiosis” seems to come back from Greek, which implies “discount.” Nicely, so far as the objective is worried, it’s intently associated to the that means of the time period, which is to divide or scale back the variety of chromosomes within the cell.

There are 46 or 23 pairs of chromosomes in people. If a person’s and a girl’s chromosomes are mixed, there must be 92 chromosomes coming from 46 + 46 chromosomes. However in actuality, each baby from technology to technology has the identical variety of chromosomes, i.e. 46 chromosomes.

why is that? The reply is due to meiosis. So the aim of this division is to take care of the chromosome variety of all residing organisms from technology to technology.

To ensure that the quantity to stay fixed, the sperm and egg cells will expertise a lower within the variety of chromosomes earlier than fusion or fertilization happens and so they develop into a zygote (the long run embryo). Subsequently, every mom cell at all times produces daughter cells that include half the variety of chromosomes of the guardian cell.

Traits of meiosis

Primarily based on all earlier interpretations the next traits of meiosis are obtained:

  • The reproductive cells within the reproductive organs bear meiosis, which subsequently varieties the gamete cells.
  • Earlier than the primary division happens, a cell’s chromosomes share genetic materials with one another, which is called crossing over.
  • There are two phases in meiosis, particularly meiosis 1 and a pair of.
  • Throughout crossing over, a pool of genetic materials is shaped within the chromosomes of every cell.
  • The tip results of a cell present process division is 4 daughter cells, every containing a single copy of the guardian’s DNA or chromosomes (haploid).
  • If a haploid cell ensuing from meiosis meets one other haploid cell, this course of is known as fertilization. The result’s two pairs of chromosomes (diploid), which is able to later kind the zygote.

The method of meiosis

There are two divisions in meiosis that produce 4 daughter cells. Every daughter cell may have half the entire variety of maternal chromosomes. The time of this division is the formation of gametes. Under are the small print of the phases of meiosis:

Bruce meiosis 1

Originally of meiosis stage 1, the nucleus will enlarge and permit water to be absorbed from the cytoplasm. This absorption makes the cell nucleus develop by 3x. Moreover, meiosis 1 is split into a number of subphases with detailed clarification as follows:

Prose Provis I

It could appear difficult to most people, however the truth is, there are a number of different phases within the first stage, as follows:

Within the leptotene stage, the cell nucleus, often known as chromatin, turns into coiled into lengthy, high-quality threads. This course of is called condensation, which is able to later produce chromosomes.

The chromosomes will then be particularly oriented (pair with the homologous chromosome) and finally kind a synapse (the time period for the assembly level between two homologous chromosomes). The method of discovering a accomplice can also be referred to as synapsis.

The brand new chromosome shaped from the earlier course of may have two chromatids, which is able to then develop into divalent after which develop into haploid. After that, they’ll enter the method of crossing or what is known as Pachyten.

The crossed chromatids will kind centromeres (the stronger time period for chromatids). Do weak chromatids disappear?

after all not. This sort of chromatid is known as a chiasmata, which will probably be shut to one another and intersect two of the 4 chromatids of a chromosome with a homologous chromosome. However within the chiasm, there will probably be damaged chromatids if they aren’t just like others.

Thus what has been reduce will probably be reciprocally linked. This course of is what creates the variety of residing organisms.

The ultimate stage in mitotic division is kinking, which is when the nucleus or nuclear membrane disappears. On the identical time, the centrosome will cut up into two centres, every of which is able to then transfer to the equator.

Centrioles themselves are parts/organelles in cells, with the primary perform of attracting chromosomes. If the event part is full, then the primary part may also be accomplished.

Metaphase I

Anaphase I begins with the chromosome tetrad already on the equator, then at this stage the centrioles will start to kind microtubules (spindle filaments).

Just like stitching thread, spindle thread additionally has two ends. One finish is connected to the centromere of the chromosome, and the opposite finish is connected to the 2 poles of division in reverse instructions.

Anaphase I

At this stage, homologous chromosomes separate and transfer towards reverse poles.

Every cell pole will obtain half of the chromosomes from the entire variety of guardian cells. Then at this stage there may also be a discount (lower within the variety of chromosomes) which is a results of the separation of homologous chromosomes.

The primary telophase

At this stage, meiosis will result in the formation of a daughter nucleus at every pole, and on the identical time cytokinesis (separation/division of organelles, cytoplasm and cell membranes) will happen. The results of this course of is the formation of two cells, often referred to as daughter cells.


After Telophase I is accomplished, there will probably be Interkinesis, which is the ultimate restrict of Meiosis I and marks the start of Meiosis II.

Bruce meiosis 2

Just like meiosis 1 above, in meiosis 2 there may also be a number of different subphases. In meiosis half II there will probably be what is known as mitosis. A few of you might be confused, why can there be a division in meiosis although the 2 are several types of division?

The one factor that’s sure is that at this stage of meiosis half 2 there isn’t a additional discount. It’s subsequently assumed that there will probably be mitotic division.

The primary stage of the method of meiosis half 2 is {that a} haploid daughter cell will divide into two haploid daughter cells as nicely. Subsequent, right here is the sequence of meiosis 2 phases and an in depth clarification of every:

The second part

This stage begins with the cut up of two cores to kind a brand new central core. Subsequent, every pair of centrioles will transfer towards the other pole. At this stage the nucleus will disappear, however the chromatin will nonetheless condense into chromosomes.

Metaphas II

Metaphase II is when the chromosomes transfer to the equator. In the meantime, the centromere is connected to the spindle filament that originates from the centriole.

Anaphase II

Upon coming into anaphase II, the spindle fibers will start to draw copies of chromosomes. This causes the chromosomes to separate and transfer towards totally different poles. At this stage, the chromosomes are nonetheless within the haploid kind.

The second telophase

At this substage, every pole already incorporates haploid chromosomes, and the spindle fibers have disappeared. There will probably be 4 nuclei at this stage, and every nucleus will include half a pair of haploid chromosomes, or you’ll be able to say one copy of DNA.

If Telophase II ends, it should enter the cytokinesis part which is able to finally produce 4 new cells. Because of this the variety of stem cells within the baby doesn’t lower. For this reason the second a part of meiosis can be referred to as non-meiosis or mitosis.

The distinction between meiosis phases 1 and a pair of

differentiation Meiosis stage 1 Meiosis stage 2
goal Chromosome discount/splitting Duplicate cells
consumer interface It’s occurring Usually this doesn’t occur
Chromosomes concerned Homozygous chromosome Chromatid chromosomes
crossing (crossing) It’s occurring There is no such thing as a
Haploid stem cells at first stage Diploid Individualistic
Chromosome discount It’s occurring There is no such thing as a
Traits of the germ/offspring cell Individualistic Individualistic

Cell division perform

A few of you might be questioning, why does there must be cell division? Their most important perform is copy, often known as copy. Listed here are different solutions:

  • Development: Each residing organism grows provided that it incorporates numerous cells. The extra cells there are within the physique, the bigger the organism’s physique measurement.
  • Restore: When part of your physique is injured, for instance with a knife, after a while the wound will heal once more. It’s because there’s restore of tissue injury. In reality, the affected half suffers tissue injury, leaving the floor of the pores and skin open.
  • Replica/Replica: With a purpose to preserve offspring, each organism wants to breed, both by laying eggs or giving beginning. Nicely, what performs the largest function in that is cell division.

Examples of cells that bear meiosis

All organisms which have a mobile construction will expertise meiosis and mitosis, together with animals, vegetation, and people. Examples of cells that bear meiosis embrace:

  • Stem Cells
  • Root cells
  • Pores and skin cells
  • Liver cells
  • Leaf cells
  • Epithelial cells
  • Somatic cells.

In conclusion, meiosis or additionally referred to as meiosis is the meiotic division of cells that may later produce progeny cells containing half or half the variety of chromosomes of the guardian cell. This division happens within the reproductive organs and is split into two phases.