Private Campus First School of Nursing Program in Singapore

Jakarta, Singapore and Malaysia are being hunted for prospective students who wish to study in Southeast Asia. The Management Development Institute of Singapore (MDIS), as the oldest non-profit institution in Singapore, is paving the way in the private education industry to hold several courses related to skills as a provision for work and a future career.

Some of the main initiatives that have been taken include the introduction of a nursing school program that is being implemented for the first time in the private education sector.

The opening of the MDIS nursing school is also in line with government initiatives in the health care sector. This new program will offer fully equipped facilities for registered nurses (post-registered nurses) to gain practical skills and exposure to the nursing profession. In addition, this program also offers nurses who have not been registered (pre-registration) in the near future, to meet the high needs of the nursing world in the future.

“Through our 61-year history, MDIS is always looking for ways to transform its education to individuals of all ages. This is very important because the condition of the private education industry is increasingly competitive with ever-evolving needs,” said Dr. R Theyvendran, PBM and Secretary. General MDIS.

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