How to Make Apem, One of Indonesia Most Famous Traditional Snacks

Apem, a simple cake that is closely attached to culinary traditions in Java. This rice flour cake is often part of a snack box Jakarta and is a must-eat meal during celebrations. For example, Eid al-Fitr or the birth of a baby. The reason is, the apem cake does have a philosophical meaning for the Javanese.

If you intend to serve apem cake at thanksgiving or feast, there’s nothing wrong with trying to make it yourself. Here we show some recipes for making apem that you can try.

Apem cake has its own unique texture. Although maybe not as soft as sponge, we can make apem which is soft and delicious. With the following seven ingredients, we can make a soft apem cake.

    250 grams of rice flour

    60 grams of wheat flour

    200 grams of sugar

    1/2 tsp fermipan

    400 ml of thin coconut milk, boil it then let stand until warm

    1/2 teaspoon vanilla

    100 grams of cassava tape

Knead the Cassava Tape with Flour

Pulse cassava until smooth. Add sugar, then knead until well blended. After that, add the wheat flour and rice flour. Knead until all mixed.

Prepare a Yeast Solution

Prepare a glass, mix fermipan with lukewarm water. Stir well. Wait for about 5 minutes until the fermipan is active. This active yeast solution can be mixed directly into the flour mixture. Gradually add the yeast to the dough. Add coconut milk. Stir well.

Let the dough stand for 1 hour

Cover the container with a clean napkin. Let the dough stand for about an hour. Meanwhile, heat the apem cake mold. Grease the molds with butter.

Pour batter into molds. Cover and bake until done. Apem is soft ready to be served.

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