How to Make Chicken Meat More Tender

If you like to tenderize chicken for a more delicious chicken for catering prasmanan  then you need to know some easy ways to soften this chicken meat. By using this method, you can avoid chicken dishes that are difficult to eat.

Not only is it tender, using the methods below for tenderizing the chicken meat can also produce juicy and delicious meat. Here are four ways to easily tenderize chicken without crumbling its texture and flavor.

 Use a meat tenderizer

Meat tenderizers are commercially available. These tools are usually made of metal or wood. If you don’t have a meat tenderizer, you can still use other kitchen utensils, such as a wood grinder, stone grinder, and hammer (they should be clean). For the base, we recommend using a wooden chopping board.

How to soften chicken with a meat tenderizer is very simple. The head of a meat grinder is usually serrated so that the meat is tender.

But this tool is only suitable for boneless and boneless chickens. Therefore, if you don’t want the cooking process to get messy, please avoid using this tool to tenderize boneless chicken. If you want to stick to the meat, remove the chicken from the bone and mash.

Use marinade

Examples of marinades commonly used to soften chicken are plain yogurt seasoning and buttermilk seasoning. Soaking or marinating chicken is a good way to keep the meat tender and juicy. Besides, the seasoning can add a lot of flavor to the chicken.

How is it that buttermilk and plain yogurt contain enzymes and acids, they can work together to break down protein in chicken. After the protein is broken down, the chicken becomes tender and can be processed into the desired dish. This is a method of softening chicken with buttermilk or plain yogurt.

Use baking soda

Baking soda is a kitchen ingredient that has many uses, one of which is to soften chicken. How did it get here? The baking soda mixed with water will greatly increase the surface pH of the chicken.

A higher Ph level will make the protein in meat more difficult to combine. Therefore, after just 15 minutes of soaking the chicken in the baking soda and water mixture, the chicken will be tender and can be cooked according to the recipe you used.

Cook longer

You don’t need to use the above kitchen ingredients, you can also thaw the chicken by cooking it for a long time (up to twelve hours). This method can be called slow cooking by breaking down the chicken protein slowly over a few hours.

Apart from making chicken taste good, this cooking method is the easiest way to produce tender and juicy chicken. Here are some slow cooking methods you can try thawing chicken.

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