The requirement for registering company in Indonesia

PT or Limited Liability Company is one type of business entity that is most often used by entrepreneurs to run a business. The procedures for establishing PTs have often changed according to regulations made by the government.

In effect, the terms and conditions of the establishment may differ from time to time. The establishment or company registration indonesia  in 2018 is not necessarily the same as the establishment in 2019.

What is the minimum number of people needed to establish a PT?

To establish a PT, a minimum of 2 people is needed to become a manager (Director + Commissioner) as well as a shareholder.

Management (Director / Commissioner) can also be a shareholder, but management can only hold one position.

For example, A director may simultaneously serve as a shareholder but cannot simultaneously serve as a commissioner and can only choose one of the management positions.

If the husband and wife want to establish a company alone, they must have a pre-marriage agreement.

What are the requirements for a company registration Indonesia documents?

To set up a PT, you must prepare the following documents:

  •     Copy or scan of E-KTP, KK, and NPWP of Company Management (Directors and Commissioners)
  •     Copy or scanned E-KTP, KK, and NPWP for Shareholders.
  •     Copy of Contract / Office Lease or proof of ownership of business premises.
  •     Domicile Certificate from the building/shop manager.
  •     Copy of PBB (Building Land Tax) & proof of PBB payment for the year of the place of business.
  •     Photos of the office inside and out.
  •     Offices are in Office Zoning / Commercial Zoning / Mixed Zoning.

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