5 “Catering Prasmanan” Menu That Goes Hype in 2020

Are you saturated with wedding food? Try the "catering prasmanan" menu below to make your special day even more fun and different from the others!

The wedding ceremony is a sacred moment for two lovers.

Marriage is supposed to happen only once in a lifetime, so that's why many people spend a lot of money and energy to celebrate this happy day to the fullest, especially by ordering food from a "agen catering Jakarta".

One of the factors supporting the success and smoothness of the wedding ceremony is the dish served by the bride and groom.

Nowadays, various wedding catering agencies have offered a variety of culinary delights ranging from local to international specialties.

But, because there are so many choices, sometimes we feel confused about which menu to choose.

Do not worry!

The latest wedding catering menus below are guaranteed to amaze guests! You can also order at "catering kantoran"!
5 Modern Wedding Catering Menu in 2020
 1. Iced Kopi Susu for the Contemporary Wedding Catering Menu It's not up to date if at the wedding there won't be coffee milk! Iced milk coffee itself has become a trendy drink in the style of many millennials today.
 Almost all the time, whether it's at home or at the office, there's just one cup or cup of coffee hanging around the table.

 2. Shake the guest tongue with a pasta dish! Who doesn't like this one food menu? Typical of Italy, pasta is a favorite dish of many people.
 This dish that is synonymous with cheese and creamy spices is often sought after by many people at weddings. The choice of pasta also varies, from pizza, spaghetti, lasagna, and many more! As a recommendation, choose dishes that are easier to serve and last longer like lasagna and spaghetti. 

3. Taichan Satay for Angkringan Fans If we talked about favorite dishes from western countries, there is a menu that is a special Indonesian that is being loved by the masses! Yes, taichan satay! Sate Taichan is a chicken cut that is grilled over charcoal until it turns golden. 

Different from the Madura satay which is commonly sold by many traders, the taichan satay is served with grind chili seasoning. It tastes spicy, makes guests awake and not sleepy during the event!

4. Invite Guests to Reminisce with Egg Rolls Egg rolls are not a modern dish like the menus above. However, we can take this SD-style snack as one of the latest wedding catering menus because of the endless hype!

 Even if you think about it, this menu is just a thin fried egg on top of hot oil, then rolled until it forms an oval like brains. People love to buy these snacks because besides being cheap and delicious, egg rolls can also make us feel nostalgic to our childhood!

 5. The Instagramable Mini Hamburger Catering Menu! It's useless if you want a modern and contemporary wedding if you don't have this one dish. Just like pasta, hamburgers are a favorite food menu that many people are looking for. 

Not only delicious to eat, hamburgers are also easy to serve and eat. To make it easier for women who don't want to sacrifice the color of their lipstick, you can choose a mini hamburger instead of the normal size!

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